Self-Proclaimed “Anti-Tobacco Warrior” is Scared of Pro-Vapers, Thinks We’re Just a Bunch of Meany Heads

anti tobacco warrior
This “anti-tobacco warrior” doesn’t want you to vape. Why?

In a hilarious new article in Sacramento Magazine, self-proclaimed “anti-tobacco warrior” Julie Lautsch writes about how she is scared of you and that she considers you to be a “bully” when you defend your right to vape.

Here are a few of the most absurd quotes from this not very well thought out “article”:

“The science is still out. I believe that we have some proven methods for quitting, and that breaking the chain of addiction isn’t as simple as nicotine replacement therapy.”

That sounds so authoritative, Julie. That’s it, case is closed! It’s not as simple as nicotine replacement therapy because Julie says so! Except that her statement flies in the face of the personal experiences of thousands upon thousands of vapers who HAVE successfully quit using this version of nicotine replacement therapy.

“You’re still putting harmful chemicals in your body and we have no idea what the long-term effects are. “

Newsflash: Nothing is completely safe. No intelligent person would claim that vaping is just as safe as breathing air, but it HAS been proven to be significantly less harmful than smoking. Would Julie have us all go back to smoking deadly cigarettes until the “anti-tobacco warriors” can figure out something that is completely risk-free? No thanks, we’d rather not die from smoking cigarettes when we all know that vaping is a much safer alternative, regardless of what Julie thinks.

“There has been a lot of vitriol expressed by pro-vapers online, and most of it has the same theme: trying to discredit the science.”

Guilty as charged on the expressing vitriol part. It’s hard to not get angry when it seems like the whole world is against the one thing that has been effective at getting people to quit smoking and has saved countless lives in the process.

The only people discrediting the science are the anti-vapers in government and the media. Remember the infamous “formaldehyde study” that the media touted as proof that vaping was dangerous? Even the scientist who created the study was blown away by the blatant lies about his study by the anti-vaping fanatics in the media. (Hint, his study actually showed that formaldehyde WASN’T present in vapor at the temperature settings that people actually use.)

“I would say the work in tobacco control has mostly taught me about fighting the good fight. There are so many people out there who want to be rid of these products. “

Trust me, Julie. We know. That’s why pro-vapers will never stop fighting against the lies from Big Tobacco, the government, and the media when it comes to protecting their right to use the one thing that has saved so many lives. It’s not because we’re a bunch of meany heads who are trying to hurt your feelings. Get a grip.

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