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  • We compared the Kanger SubTank and Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm clearomizers.
  • We made a case for why weed legalization is the best thing that could ever happen to the vaping community.
  • Some guy in California made national news when he blew up his mod and set his bed on fire.

Ecig explodes in Santa Ana

  • Another guy burned his balls when he carried loose batteries in his pocket and is suing the vape shop that sold them to him for over $1 million.
  • Some dumb fat congresswoman in Illinois proposed a bill to ban flavored e-juice, but it was tabled after pressure from pro-vapers.
  • Vaping nerds on Reddit were pissed when we wrote an article that made fun of the different types of vaping elitists.
  • Chuck Billy from Testament got his own signature herbal vape pen, ending the annoying trend of all celebrity vape pens being endorsed by rappers.testamentvapepen
  • An article in BMC Medicine claims that vaping is 96% safer than smoking.
  • Washington Governor Inslee decided to do a Reddit AMA and got destroyed by vapers who were furious about the proposed anti-vape law that would be the strictest in the country.
  • We were annoyed by new anti-vaping propaganda from both California and the CDC.


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