Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Review – Awesomeness

If you’ve read some of my reviews, you know that I am a big fan of CBD oil and I enjoy trying new products. I was extremely excited to get some of the Nature’s Script line.

CBD, which is a hemp extract and does not contain THC, comes in many different forms. Normally I stick to CBD vape juice and I’ve got a brand of gummies that I have found effective. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try Nature’s Script capsules, syrup, gummies, pain gel and vape juice.

Nature’s Script Capsules

Let’s start with the Nature’s Script Hemp Extract 75 mg capsules. Capsules are awesome because it’s a quick and taste-free way to get your CBD. It’s literally the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. I was sent the five pack, which sells for $14.99.

Directions state to take one to two capsules at a time. Since I use CBD regularly, I started with two.

About 25 minutes later I could feel them take effect. I could feel my body relaxing. It was amazing, and I was extremely impressed. In some brands I’ve tried, using 75 mg of CBD does not have much impact on me, which I admit is why I started with two.

But, Nature’s Script packs a welcome whollop and one suited me just fine in future uses.

Sometimes you just don’t want to take the time to fill your tank with CBD vape juice or switch tanks or even get out your prefilled CBD device (yes, they make these). Being able to take a capsule and get pain and anxiety relief so quickly is just flat awesome.

And I found the price spot on for the product. I was also happy to see that capsules are sold in bigger batches.

Now, onto the Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Relaxation Syrup 100 mg in Fruit Punch flavor.

Natures script capsules
Nature’s Script CBD capsules

Nature’s Script Relaxation Syrup

This one was new to me – a drinkable CBD option.

The directions say to shake it up and that one serving is 1 oz (from a four-ounce bottle). The bottle also says that it can be taken with or without a mixer.

I would highly recommend a mixer.

Drinking Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Relaxation Syrup Fruit Punch flavor straight is like tipping back and drinking cough syrup. You drink it to get the results, not for the flavor.

After somewhat gagging back my shot of syrup, I went about my business. As with the Nature’s Script Capsules, I started feeling my body – both physically and mentally – relaxing within about a half an hour.

Totally made it worth the taste.

Now, the directions say that you can take it with a mixer and I have to be honest and say that I have not yet found something that mixes well with Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Relaxation Syrup in Fruit Punch flavor, but that doesn’t mean the taste you get isn’t worth it.

Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Relaxation Syrup sells for $19.99 for the 4-ounce bottle and I’d say I feel it’s totally worth it.

Gummy time.

Nature's Script Relaxation Syrup
Nature’s Script CBD Relaxation Syrup

Nature’s Script Gummies

I’ve tried several brands of CBD gummies and I can tell you that they almost always taste crappy. Unfortunately, Nature’s Script Hemp Extract 75 mg gummies fall into the taste crappy category.

Actually, they aren’t too bad when you start chewing but are pretty yuck by the time you get to swallow them.

But, like the syrup, the taste is worth it because the product is awesome.

I actually started to feel them take effect in about 20 minutes. I don’t know that Nature’s Script did differently with the gummies but they kicked in faster than the syrup and capsules. And, to me that means the taste – as long as you can hack it down – doesn’t matter.

The five-pack of gummies I was sent sells for $14.99 and I can tell you, I’ll be ordering more.

It’s personal preference, but I enjoy getting my CBD in either gummy or juice form (everyone has their own way of enjoying hemp products) and I’m always pleased to find a good new product. Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Gummies 75 mg fits into the good new product amazingly.

Nature's Script Gummies
Nature’s Script CBD Gummies

Nature’s Script E-Juice

Since we’re on the topic of juice, let’s talk about the Nature’s Script Hemp Extract e-juice. I was sent two flavors, Blueberry Jam and Juicy Watermelon in 75 mg.

The flavors are spot on to the names. They are more natural than candy flavors and full flavors without any yucky after tastes. If you already own a vaporizer, we definitely recommend going with this vape oil. Vaping CBD makes it more bio-available, meaning that it’s a more effective way to get the benefits of CBD (many people use it for multiple sclerosis, pain, and treatment of anxiety).

I was extremely pleasantly surprised to feel some effect of 75 mg CBD e-liquid. I normally vape a considerably higher dosage of CBD e-liquid and normally the lower doses are just for taste for me. But after 45 minutes or so, I could feel slight relief from Nature’s Script Hemp Extract 75 mg e-juice.

This product wasn’t as effective for me as the other Nature’s Script 75 mg products that I tried, but it was very strong for the dosage.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the 16. 5 ml bottle sells for $14.99 and that it’s available in 60 ml 300 mg for $49.99 and a 60 ml bottle of 1,000 mg for $99.99. I’m very excited to try the higher dosages.

Last, but not least, the Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Cryotherapy Pain Relief Gel.

Nature's Script E-Juice
Nature’s Script CBD E-Juice

Nature’s Script Cryotherapy Pain Relief Gel

Let me start by saying – this stuff is out of this world!

It’s a gooey gel that goes on cold and keeps a cool feel on the skin. It has a strong menthol scent, which dissipates quickly. It’s not messy and easy to apply.

And, best yet?

It works!

I have chronic pain and so does my husband, both of us were blown away by how effective the Nature’s Script Hemp Extract Cryotherapy Pain Relief Gel was. My husband could feel the muscles in his back loosening up within 15 minutes and my experience was very similar.

And what’s better than having a product that works so well? You don’t need much and it lasts and lasts!

I was sent a one-ounce jar and we’ve been using it almost daily for about two weeks. We’re barely a quarter of the way into the jar. You know those crazy commercials that say “but wait, there’s more?”

Well, I’ve got more for you.

The one-ounce jar sells for $14.99.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Nature's Script gel
Nature’s Script CBD Pain Relief Gel

Bottom line?

Nature’s Script Hemp Extract products rock.

I wasn’t disappointed in a single one and I can’t wait to try more.

If you’re in the market for CBD, I’d recommend giving them a shot. The best place to buy Nature’s Script CBD is directly from the Nature’s Script website. You don’t need a medical cannabis license. All Nature’s Script products come from the hemp plant, which is completely legal. While CBD can also come from the cannabis plant, most companies in the US source it from industrial hemp for legal reasons.

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