iJoy eXo XL Tank Review

exo XL tank in box

The iJoy eXo XL is an enormous beast of a tank that has been built specifically to accommodate sub-ohm vaping at higher wattage levels.

The eXo XL includes some pre-made coils that are built specifically to handle the full capabilities of this tank. Of course, if you’re a vape nerd like I am you’ll want to build your own coils, and the eXo deck is more than spacious enough to handle even the craziest builds.

exo xl tank and accessories

If you couldn’t tell by the fact that iJoy has chosen to include “XL” in the name of this tank, this thing is HUGE. It features a 5mL e-juice capacity and measures in a 56.6mm in height. I’d highly recommend putting this tank on one of your larger box mods, such as the iJoy Maxo Quad or similar. I mean, technically you can screw this thing on anything with a 510 connector, but it would look a bit weird sitting on top of one of those tiny little mods like the Serpent Wotofo.

The pre-made stock coils are capable of supporting wattages up to 215W. They’re the exact same coils that were included in the Limitless XL tank, so if you have any coils for that one laying around they’re definitely compatible with this bad boy.

exo xl tank in hand

You’ll also get large dual airflow slots located on the bottom of the tank. I found that the airflow was great for cloud chasing and did an excellent job of preventing the coils from getting too hot. You also get multiple options for building the deck in both single and dual-coil configurations, so you can nerd the fuck out with your coil building. And, as is standard with most modern tanks, the eXo XL is filled from the top.

Buy the eXo XL tank at HeavenGifts.com.


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