Hemp Bombs CBD Review: Is it Really the Bomb?

Have you tried Hemp Bombs CBD oil?

They make several different CBD products including CBD e liquid in two flavors: Exotic Watermelon Kush and Sugar Cookie Kryptonite.

I was sent both flavors to give them a try, in both 200 mg and 60 mg.

I have to say I was a little leery at first because I am used to vaping a higher milligram of CBD oil from Koi or Diamond to help with my issues.  Normally, the brain tells you that if something isn’t as strong it isn’t going to work as well. That’s why there are different dosages on prescription drugs, right?

Well, in this case I was pleasantly surprised.

Let’s start by talking about flavor.

Hemp Bombs flavors

If you’ve tried CBD in the past, then you may have noticed that it’s not uncommon for flavored CBD to have an unpleasant after taste. Sometimes it’s stronger than others, sometimes the yucky taste is tolerable and other times it isn’t. But it does seem to be relatively consistent with CBD.

With Hemp Bombs, I did not find that after taste with either flavor, and that was an extremely awesome surprise. Normally I can tell its CBD almost instantly from the first hit, and if I happen to get my tanks confused (since I usually have several filled with several different flavors of both regular e-juice and CBD), I always know when it’s CBD. With Hemp Bombs there was no yucky taste giving it away.

Big bonus in my book.

Of the two flavors, Exotic Watermelon Kush and Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, I have to say I favored the fruiter Exotic Watermelon Kush.

Now, don’t get me wrong, both flavors were nice and smooth and fit nicely to the names. When I first opened up the box and saw the flavors I figured I would go for the Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, because I love a good dessert flavor and because watermelon seems to be a hard flavor to achieve in the e-juice world.

Now, I’m not saying Hemp Bombs totally nailed the elusive watermelon flavor, but they did make an extremely enjoyable, fruity flavor that is smooth and pleasant and hits well.

Sugar Cookie Kryptonite is sweet and delicious but did not ring my chime as much as I had hoped it would, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you. When it comes to things like things, we must all remember that we all have different tastes.

Hemp Bombs CBD performance

Now, onto the effects of the CBD.

As I said earlier, I tend to vape a higher milligram of CBD and have seen very good results with it. Not since I started experimenting with CBD have I really used anything less than 500 milligrams.

Now, I’m a steady user, daily and consistently. I have both chronic pain and anxiety issues.

The Hemp Bombs bottles say “feel great” and “relax now” and I must admit that I had some serious doubts. Honestly, how can 200 mg CBD do for me what 500 mg CBD can? Just doesn’t make sense, or so I thought.

I changed out my coil as I always do when trying a new juice and set up my CBD tank with the Hemp Bombs Exotic Watermelon Kush. I hate to admit it, but I tend to always try the flavor first than I think I am going to enjoy least, a kind of save the best for last thing.

How does Hemp Bombs compare to other CBD oils?

I stopped using my regular CBD product and relied entirely on the Hemp Bombs, because I felt this was the absolute best way to get a real feel for the effects.

Honestly, I expected to be back to using my regular daily CBD within two days and writing a not so pleasant review on Hemp Bombs CBD.

But, let me tell you what happened.

I filled my tank, completely mindful the first night that I had switched brands and milligrams. It was purely a mental thing at that point.

That night at about 3 a.m. my 4-year-old woke up vomiting and the subsequent hours are one disgusting blur. Within days, both of my two older daughters have the same bug, with the same extremely gross symptoms, and caring for children and doing copious amounts of laundry are my life for the moment.

Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with Hemp Bombs CBD.

On about day three of the nightmare of vomiting children, when I reached for my CBD tank I noticed that I needed to fill it. That’s when it dawned on me that I was using the 200 mg Hemp Bombs Exotic Watermelon Kush.

And check it out, it worked just as awesome as my usual 500 mg juice! No need to shell out on high CBD products when a lower dose does the trick.

Heck ya in my book!

Now, I’m not grateful my children were sick but I am for the mental distraction that allowed me to give Hemp Bombs an honest chance.

Now let’s talk about price.

Hemp Bombs pricing

The 60 ml bottles sell for $39.99 from the manufacturer and they are also available in Strawberry Milk and Glazed Chocolate Donut (dang, don’t those sound yummy).

The price may sound a little steep to some but CBD isn’t like traditional e-juice and most users don’t vape on it all day. I will take a few hits here and there throughout the day and still use my regular e-juice, so this size bottle is going to last you a long time.

If you aren’t sure on flavor you can try a 16.5 ml bottle for $14.99.

Bottom line: as a vaper and as a CBD user, Hemp Bombs is worth trying. They also have a variety of other CBD products including edible gummies if you are into that kind of thing.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. I’m a huge fan of vaping CBD and I haven’t tried a product that I like this much in a long time. Hemp Bombs is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, including anxiety reduction and the natural anti-inflammatory effects.

The best place to buy Hemp Bombs is directly from HempBombs.com. Anyone can buy this product, you don’t need a medical marijuana card or even need to live in a state that has legal medical marijuana. Hemp Bombs products contain the highest quality CBD from the hemp plant, with no THC.

How we rate CBD oil

We judge CBD products by the following standards:

  1. Potency
  2. Taste
  3. Price
  4. Effects

Learn more about how we rate and review CBD products.

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Who doesn’t love good CBD that’s loaded and ready to go?

More companies are starting to offer pre-filled tanks of CBD and let me tell you, I was excited to see Hemp Bombs start selling them.

Hemp Bombs Vape Tank: How to use

Hemp Bombs Vape Tank comes in 11 different flavors and three strength levels.

Hemp Bombs Vape Tanks hold 1 ml of “ultra-concentrated” CBD and are equipped with a 510 thread so that you can pop it right onto your mod.

That’s part of the real reason I love these tanks, so very easy to use, just unscrew your nicotine tank or RDA and pop on these prefilled tanks. Easy-peasy and so worth it.

And, you don’t have to waste one of your own tanks and have it dedicated to CBD, as I’ve been doing. Also, if you love to drip, then you don’t need to worry about a tank, these come set and ready to go.

Hemp Bombs Vape Tank
The Hemp Bombs Vape Tank is the easiest way to start vaping CBD.

What strengths are available?

Hemp Bombs offers a quality CBD, which helps reduce anxiety, pain and can take the edge off, with no psychotropic effects. Hemp Bombs Vape Tanks come in 125 mg, 300 mg and 1,000 mg.

One of the few drawbacks I see with Hemp Bombs Vape Tanks is the limited offer of strength. With only three options, there is not much wiggle room. However, since Hemp Bombs offers six strength options in their regular CBD e-juice, from 75 mg to 4,000 mg, I can hope that the Hemp Bombs Vape Tanks will soon offer the same strength ranges.

The 125 mg Hemp Bombs Vape Tank sells for $29.99, the 300 mg sells for $49.99 and the 1,000 mg sells for $99.99.

Hemp Bombs sent me Vape Tank in each strength and I’m pleased to say that the pre-filled tank holds the same, awesome CBD as Hemp Bombs does out of a bottle.

Of the three, I’m partial to the 1,000 mg because it’s just right for me. Not too much and just enough, so that’s the one I’ve been primarily using.

For me, and remember, everyone is different, the 1,000 mg Hemp Bombs Vape Tank provides relief for a chronic pain and anxiety, to a level that works for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the lesser strengths are also effective, but think of this in terms of buying acetaminophen at the pharmacy. Sometimes a stronger strength may be desired for a specific malady, others a lesser strength is what’s needed.

If you are new to using CBD I recommend starting with a low strength level and working up if needed. I say this partially due to price, because the higher the strength, the higher the price tag, but also you need to see how CBD affects you.

Hemp Bombs CBD Cartridge
Hemp Bombs Vape Tank Cartridge in box.

Does it work?

Now, CBD has no psychotropic effects, so you aren’t going to get high, so don’t worry about that. But, as I said, everyone is different and while you may require a high dosage of prescription medication to achieve a goal, CBD is a completely different type of product.

Hemp Bombs Vape Tanks start at 125 mg, which is an excellent starting point. Make sure you give it a few days in order to really get a feel for the effects.

And I can tell you, after two weeks of consecutive use – meaning I take a couple of hits off the Hemp Bombs Vape Tank a few times throughout the day – it’s barely made a dent in the 1 ml of liquid in the tank.

As a frugal consumer, I feel that the product you get from Hemp Bombs is worth it’s price tag, because these products last.

Keep in mind that using CBD isn’t like your normal vape tank, and you won’t be filling it throughout the day. CBD isn’t designed to be vaping like nicotine, it’s meant to be used as needed and the Hemp Bombs Vape Tank really makes it easy.


Having had the opportunity to try many Hemp Bombs products, I can tell you that the flavors are on point. By that I mean that they taste like what they say these are supposed to taste like.

Hemp Bombs flavors are Artic Spearmint Blast, Crisp Honeydew Melon, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Roasted Columbian Coffee, Farm Fresh Strawberry Milk, Sweet Mango Seduction, Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl, Exotic Watermelon Kush, Whipped Watermelon Dream and Wild Blueberry Jam.

As a consumer, that’s always a bonus. No one likes getting a surprise flavor.

If you are interested in CBD, I recommend that you check out some of my other reviews. I’ve reviewed different companies and products (e.g. Herbstrong, Koi, and Diamond), and just like any other product, some are better than others.

And Hemp Bombs CBD is not limited to the Vape Tank. Hemp Bombs also offers CBD gummies, juice, a tank additive, CBD shot and a syrup.

I have never been disappointed in a Hemp Bombs product that I’ve tried, and I’ve felt each was worth the price tag attached.

Buy Hemp Bombs vape tanks and more at the Hemp Bombs website.

Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, and depression. Rather than turning to prescription pharmaceuticals, many of these people are searching for a more natural way to manage their symptoms. CBD edibles, like Hemp Bombs, are one of the methods that people just like you are turning to to help manage your conditions.

As someone who is brand new to the world of CBD, I definitely had skeptical hippo eyes when I first received my package of Hemp Bombs CBD edibles. CBD (short for cannabidiol) has been hyped up as being the miracle cure for a variety of ailments like the ones previously listed and more. Like many first-timers, I was wondering: does this stuff really work or is it all just bullshit?

So do Hemp Bombs edibles actually work? Lesa (one of our other reviewers) claims that Hemp Bombs CBD e-juice has helped her anxiety tremendously. Let’s take a look at their line of gummies, syrups, and capsules and find out if they’re worth the money.

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

As part of my Hemp Bombs sample pack, I received a bottle of 15 Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies. I’m someone who is quite experienced with regular THC edibles (I live in Nevada where you can just go to a dispensary and buy some) so I knew that I wouldn’t be seeing any effects from these gummies until about 2 hours after I ate them. As with any type of edible, start low and go slow. So I started with one gummy and decided to wait a few hours before redosing.

These gummies taste incredible! They’re so good that it was almost impossible to resist the urge to eat the entire bottle in one sitting. These gummies are coated to with fine, super-sweet sugar; the flavor explodes in your mouth with each bite.

Unlike recreational and medical marijuana that has THC, there are no mind-altering effects with Hemp Bombs or any other CBD product. So once that 2 hour mark hit, rather than getting a “high” feeling I instead felt a wave of calmness and focus. Almost all of my normal day-to-day anxiety was gone and I was able to go about my day feeling like a “normal” person. This is how everyone should feel all the time. All of those benefits without any mind-altering effects. Simply amazing.

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules

Hemp Bombs also manufactures a line of CBD capsules that have a similar effect to their CBD gummies. If you’re the type of person who knows that you’re just going to eat the entire bottle of gummies in one sitting, or if you just prefer the form factor and convenience of a capsule, then this product is perfect for you.

The mental effects are exactly the same as with the gummies and syrups, with a similar 2-hour delay before you start to notice a difference. These capsules are by far the easiest and most effective way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Hemp Bombs CBD capsules

Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup

This is where things start getting crazy.

Gummies and capsules are probably the most common way to ingest CBD (other than by vaping it), but if you’re the type who would rather drink your CBD than this high-quality syrup is the way to go. I picked up a bottle of fruit punch-flavored CBD syrup. The flavor when drinking it straight is top-notch. It doesn’t have any disgusting “medicine” taste to it (unlike cough syrup). It literally tastes exactly like fruit punch.

The cool thing about Hemp Bombs syrup is that you don’t have to drink it straight. Simply pour a small amount of this CBD syrup into your favorite beverage (the fruit punch flavor goes great with any type of fruit juice).

It’s really cool that you can get the benefits of CBD just by pouring a little bit of this delicious syrup into a glass of juice that you’re going to be drinking anyway. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Hemp Bombs CBD syrup

What’s the research say about CBD?

A 2013 review in the British Journal of Pharmacology found that CBD is effective in helping patients who suffer from some of the following conditions:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Psychosis
  • Inflammation
  • Neurogenerative disorders
  • Anxiety and depression

As with anything, it’s important to consult your doctor to find out if CBD is a good choice for your specific ailment. Some people have reported incredible results from CBD edibles and others have told us that it didn’t do much. Everyone reacts differently. But if you think that there’s a possibility that CBD will help you out, it’s worth it to give Hemp Bombs a try. They have tons of affordable options that will fit just about any budget.

The best place to buy Hemp Bombs CBD gummies, capsules, and syrup is directly from Hemp Bombs. Prices vary.

How do Hemp Bombs CBD edibles compare to the competition? Check out our list of the best CBD edibles and the best CBD e-juices in the world. You should also read our review of Koi vape oil.

Hemp Bombs has done it again.

If you’ve read any of my stuff, then you know I’m a fan of Hemp Bombs flavored CBD. They offer a large variety of flavors and have recently increased the potency offered. I have to say, of the CBD brands I’ve tried, I have always been happy with what Hemp Bombs has to offer.

Typically I keep a tank dedicated to CBD on one of my spare mods and hit it throughout the day. Mainly I do this because I still like to have my nicotine throughout the day. Some brands offer a tank additive, but I haven’t found one that I cared for. Having tried several, I’ve found that more often than not there is a chemical after taste when I use a tank additive.

Of course, being my own stubborn self I still try new ones, often to be let down. I mean, who wouldn’t want the ease of using CBD and nicotine together, and not having to keep separate tanks?

Personally, my CBD tank generally doesn’t leave the house and I’ve run into times that I have wanted it when I’ve been out. How wonderful not to have to worry about it any more. So, when Hemp Bombs introduced a tank additive CBD, in the increased potencies, I was over the moon.

But, I was still reserved, because maybe the chemical after taste has been covered by Hemp Bombs awesome flavors. Let me tell you, when I try a tank additive, I always use a flavor that I know and love. One that I am very familiar with, so that I can detect any difference.

Hemp Bombs 300mg CBD Tank Additive

After filling up with a favorite, I topped off with Hemp Bombs CBD 300 mg tank additive.

I think Hemp Bombs tank additive is the first one I’ve used that does not have a dropper.

Normally the instructions will say to add a dropper full to a tank of regular juice, but all Hemp Bombs tank additive bottles say is “add to any vape device and enjoy. No steeping required.”

It’s always good to start low and work your way up, so I just put a dash in. Honestly, I didn’t notice much, so when it was time to top off my tank again, I added a little more. Eventually I found the sweet spot and was able to judge how much 300 mg Hemp Bombs CBD tank additive to use in order to achieve the impact.

Now, if you are new to CBD, let me tell you that it’s pretty amazing. It can help with anxiety, pain and sleep. There are no psychotropic elements and it’s legal everywhere.

See some of my other reviews for more information on the benefits of CBD. I found that a decent amount of 300 mg Hemp Bombs CBD tank additive was needed to give me the relief I wanted. This, of course, would mean that I would be going through the bottle faster than I would care for.

hemp bombs cbd tank additive
Hemp Bombs 300mg e-liquid tank additive.

Hemp Bombs 1000mg CBD Tank Additive

A 60 ml bottle of Hemp Bombs 300 mg tank additive sells for $49.99, so I want it to last. So, I bumped up to the Hemp Bombs 1,000 mg tank additive. It took less in my tank to get the desired affect.


Again, no nasty chemical after taste.

Double wonderful.

Since I have already done trial and error with the Hemp Bombs 300 mg tank additive, I was able to pretty quickly find my sweet spot of 1,000 mg. At $99.99 for a 60 ml bottle, I was still worried that I may go through it too quickly for the price.

Hemp Bombs 1000mg e-liquid tank additive.

Hemp Bombs 2000mg CBD Tank Additive

So, I moved up to the Hemp Bombs 2,000 mg tank additive.


Complete awesomeness.

I found my sweet spot pretty quickly, and it didn’t take much. Thank goodness, that means the bottle is going to last a while. And at $169.99 for a 60 ml bottle of Hemp Bombs 2,000 mg tank additive, that’s music to my ears.

It’s a pricey purchase up front, but I don’t need but a little for each full tank of juice. So that bottle is going to last me a couple of months. And I get the benefit of having CBD all day long. It’s amazing.

Instead of purposely relaxing myself at set periods during the day, often after my anxiety and chronic pain have started to get intense, I’m getting small doses of Hemp Bombs CBD throughout the day.

In case you can’t tell, I love it.

Hemp Bombs 2000mg e-liquid tank additive.

Bottom line

Hemp Bombs remains the bomb and did not disappoint with its new tank additive. Hemp Bombs also offers a 4,000 mg tank additive, which sells for $299.99 for a 120 ml bottle. If the Hemp Bombs 4,000 mg tank additive is as powerful and amazing as it’s flavored juice in the same potency, it’s going to knock your socks off.

If you are considering CBD, I would highly recommend Hemp Bombs. They offer a variety of flavors and potencies, starting at 75 mg in a 16.5 ml bottle for $14.99.

With their range of strength levels, flavors and bottle sizes, they offer something for just about everyone.

Hemp Bombs also has gummies, capsules and syrups. Check out their website for a cornicopia of amazing CBD products.

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It always makes me both excited and leery when a company I like comes out with something new. When a company keeps makes things you enjoy, you can’t help but look forward to the next awesome thing. At the same time, you wonder if how they can continue to live up to the mark.

When I found out Hemp Bombs had not only introduced a new, higher potency of CBD I was eager to try it and when I found out I would have the opportunity to review it, I knew I was in for something special. Hemp Bombs continues to deliver a solid, strong CBD – in a fascinating variety of amazing flavors.

So far I’ve been wowed by Hemp Bombs in 75mg and 200 mg. Hemp Bombs took a giant leap and introduced 1,000 mg, 2,000 mg and a whopping 4,000 mg CBD.

Each of these new CBD levels comes in Hemp Bombs 10 flavors: Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, Arctic Spearmint Blast, Farm Fresh Strawberry Milk, Whipped Marshmallow Dream, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl, Crisp Honeydew Melon, Exotic Watermelon Kush, Roasted Columbian Coffee and Wild Blueberry Jam.

A note about Hemp Bombs flavors – check out my previous reviews. I’ve talked about almost all of these flavors. Bottom line on flavors, when it comes to Hemp Bombs, they do not disappoint in flavor. What they on the bottle is what you get. Rich and strong.

I haven’t tried a Hemp Bomb flavor yet that did not live up to it’s name. Time after time I’ve been impressed.

Hemp Bombs CBD oil
Hemp Bombs CBD oil


1,000 mg CBD

Let’s start small with the 1,000 mg CBD. I was sent the flavor Whipped Marshmallow Dream. And its truly a dreamy flavor. I’ve used 1,000 mg CBD in the past in other brands. Some, I’ve seen success with, others I’ve seen so change with. By this, I mean how whether or not the CBD helps with my anxiety and chronic pain.

And, like anything else, some CBD oil companies make a better product than others. I’ve found Hemp Bombs 200 mg CBD to be better than other companies 1,000 mg. Which says a lot for Hemp Bombs. Now, how does Hemp Bombs 1,000 mg CBD compare?

It’s off the charts. While I didn’t see myself necessarily feeling any greater relief to my symptoms, I did find that I wasn’t reaching for my CBD tank as often during the day.

To me, that speaks volumes. Like many CBD users, I keep a dedicated tank with only CBD. I’ve tried tank additives, to put it into a regular e-juice tank, but I don’t care for that. Especially when you can get it in amazing flavors like Hemp Bombs offers.

To not use as much was wonderful, especially since a higher mg of CBD means a higher price point. Hemp Bombs 1,000 mg CBD comes in a 60 ml bottle for $99.99. Now, don’t get scared, CBD lasts and lasts.

You don’t use CBD like you regularly vape, you may only hit it a few times a day. You won’t be constantly filling your tank like you do when you just vape nicotine juice. So, that’s 60 ml bottle is gonna last you quite a while.

2,000 mg CBD

Now, let’s talk Hemp Bombs 2,000 mg CBD. They sent me Glazed Chocolate Donut, and let me tell you, it’s just as good as it sounds. Yummy and nummy.

I don’t remember ever trying any CBD over 1,000 mg so I was a little scared to jump up to 2,000 mg. But, after the 1,000 mg, I was ready to go. Now, keep in mind, I allow several days at each level, to get a good gauge of it before I try a different level.

When it was time to try these higher potency levels, I took a three days off between moving up, so that I could kind of reset physically, to get an accurate feel for what each level offered for my symptoms. By the time I popped open the 2,000 mg, I was ready to go.

At first, I honestly did not see much difference between the 1,000 mg and the 2,000. Just when I was started to get disappointed, at about halfway through day two, I noticed my tank level. I always mark my tank, so I can tell how much I’ve used, and over what period of time.

I had used very little, and I was feeling pretty good. I guess with the craziness of life, I had not noticed how little I was grabbing my CBD tank.

Not only was the Hemp Bombs 2,000 mg level keeping me steady, I seemed to be maintaining the anxiety and pain for longer periods, even than the 1,000 mg. Score, score and score! Hemp Bombs 2,000 mg CBD sells for $169.99 for a 60 ml bottle.

Again, keep in mind, 60 ml is going to last for quite a while, especially if you are using less of it.

hemp bombs cbd oil
Hemp Bombs CBD oil


4,000 mg CBD

So, already I’m falling in love with the higher levels and I wanted to give the Big Daddy 4,000 mg level a really tough test. Not only had I not used any CBD for three days, my father-in-law was in town and my 4-year-old had the flu. Can you say over-stressed, over-worked, non-existent sleep and a constant desire to strangle a certain someone?

Enter Hemp Bombs 4,000 mg Farm Fresh Strawberry Milk.

Did it calm my anxiety? Heck yeah. Did it ease my aching body? So very much. Did it soften the urge to holler at a certain someone? Thank goodness yes.

Hemp Bombs 4,000 mg CBD is amazing, especially when things are super sucky (maybe that’s just in my world). It goes above and beyond and lasts, which is about as good as it can get.

I don’t know that I would use the 4,000 mg on a daily basis, not when 2,000 mg does the trick for me, but I do know that I will always have a 4,000 mg bottle on hand for the really sucky times. Now, let me talk on that for a moment.

Remember, everyone is different, when it comes to CBD, 2,000 mg might be the daily sweet spot for me, but that doesn’t mean it will be for you. You may have to mix it up, try different levels, to find out what works best for you. If you haven’t tried CBD, I totally recommend Hemp Bombs and if you’ve tried other companies without success, I totally recommend Hemp Bombs. They offer an awesome product, in awesome flavors and a huge variety of CBD levels. Really, something for everyone.

Now, the big daddy of them all, the 4,000 mg doesn’t come cheap. Hemp Bombs sells the 4,000 mg CBD for $299.99 for a 120 ml bottle. I’m by nature cheap, but I can tell you, for this product, I would happily pay 300 smackeroos for this product.

I was able to breathe, relax, find some inner peace and my body did not feel like someone was ripping it apart from the inside. At any time that I don’t feel 2,000 mg is cutting it – when its a sucky time – I can reach for the 4,000 mg and get what I need.

The saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true these days. Goodness knows I’ve paid good money for junk before ( i.e. the piece of crap computer I’m attempting to type this on). But, Hemp Bombs continues to deliver what it promises.

The best place to buy Hemp Bombs high concentration CBD juice is directly from the Hemp Bombs website.

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Hemp Bombs CBD Tincture

After much research and testing into CBD tinctures, we determined that the best is from Hemp Bombs because of its potency and variety of flavors. If you’ve never tried CBD before and don’t know exactly what features you’re looking for then you can’t go wrong with Hemp Bombs. It’s the overall best and easiest to use CBD tincture out there.

Hemp Bombs Tincture

Hemp Bombs is available in 300, 600, 1000, 2000, and 4000 mg concentrations. It has the highest concentration of CBD out of any of Hemp Bombs products. This high-quality tincture is available in a variety of flavors including peppermint and watermelon. Each bottle contains 30ml of CBD oil that has been tested by independent labs for purity and potency. One serving size is approximately half of a dropper, giving you 16.6mg of cannabidiol per serving and 60 servings per bottle.

Why It’s The Best: Hemp Bombs is the best CBD tincture available. Hemp Bombs has a reputation for creating some of the highest quality CBD products available. They use the highest quality ingredients and a consistently reliable manufacturing process. All of their products are third-party tested so you know that you’re getting an authentic and high-quality CBD tincture.

The available flavors are refreshing without being overpowering. If you struggle with one of the many conditions that can potentially be alleviated with cannabidiol, then Hemp Bombs tincture is the way to go.

What are CBD tinctures and how are they made?

CBD can be taken in many different forms, ranging from vape juice to edibles and everything in between. One of the most popular methods to consume it – especially if you’re a first timer – is by using a tincture (also sometimes called hemp oil tinctures).

The extraction process is relatively uncomplicated. Tinctures are created by steeping cannabis flower in a high-proof grain alcohol which is then applied to low heat for a long period of time. The heat infuses the active cannabinoids such as THC into the neutral alcohol, which is then boiled off. The remaining liquid gives you pure CBD without any of the psychoactive elements of the marijuana plant. This hemp extract is what you’re getting when you buy a tincture.

How do I take a CBD tincture?

Since CBD tinctures are highly concentrated, they are meant to be taken in extremely small doses. Most commercially available tinctures come in a bottle with a dropper that makes administering the smaller doses as easy as possible.

Tinctures can be added to any of your favorite foods or beverages. You can add it to your favorite soups, pastas, or other recipes that can be easily stirred. You can also add it to morning coffee, tea, or juice.

A lot of people prefer to use CBD tinctures sublingually underneath the tongue. There is some research indicating that sublingual application makes all cannabinoids, including CBD and it’s psychoactive cousin THC, more easily available in the body. That’s why this method of applying tinctures is extremely popular in epilepsy and chronic pain treatment.

hemp bombs cbd oil

What is the best CBD tincture for sale in 2020?

  1. Hemp Bombs

If you’re new to the world of tinctures, you can’t go wrong with Hemp Bombs. It has a wide variety of different strengths ranging from 300mg all the way up to a whopping 4000mg. This means that there are a variety of different price points that are great for consumers with different budgets and needs. Their flavors are uniquely formulated and are some of the best tasting out there. Hemp Bombs’ customer service team is top-notch and always available to help you out if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase. They are the best place to buy CBD today.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with any of the other tinctures on our list. They are all considered to be among the best CBD tinctures in the world Koi Naturals is extremely popular amongst both experienced CBD users and beginners due to it’s ease of use and all-natural formulation. Once you get a feel for how tinctures work you’ll start to know which features are most important for you and you’ll be able to decide accordingly for future purchases.

The most important thing is to not overthink it and just dive in. Putting a couple drops of CBD under your tongue really isn’t complicated, especially if you have previous CBD experience. It’s by far the easiest way to use CBD, since you don’t have to buy any special equipment or need to learn any special skills. With marijuana becoming more acceptable throughout the United States, CBD and THC are both becoming more widely available and commonly used. As the cannabis plant becomes less stigmatized, we’ll see more and more marijuana oil products come on to the market, giving consumers like you even more options to treat your anxiety, inflammation, and other symptoms.

What are the benefits of using CBD tinctures?

  1. Convenience. You don’t need to buy a vaporizer or any other special equipment to use tinctures. You don’t have to plug anything in and wait hours for it to charge up. When you need relief, just use the included dropper to place a couple drops underneath your tongue or mix it with your favorite food or beverage. You’ll feel the effects of CBD almost immediately.
  2. Ease of use. Tinctures are the easiest way to use CBD. You don’t need to figure out how to use a vape pen or dab rig. You don’t need to wait hours for the edibles to kick in and try to figure out how to adjust your dosage over that long time frame. Taking a few drops of a tincture is as easy as it gets.
  3. Increased bioavailability. Research shows that tinctures have a higher bioavailability than edibles and other methods of consuming CBD. A study conducted on volunteers who underwent a fast before using a tincture found that the bioavailability of the tincture was 18% higher than with a capsule.

What are the disadvantages that come with the use of CBD tinctures?

  1. Using a tincture can be awkward. If you’re in public and need some CBD immediately, it can be a little bit weird to pull out a dropper and put a couple drops under your tongue. It can be a lot easier or more convenient to just pop a capsule, eat an edible, or take puff on a vape pen.
  2. It can get expensive. CBD is expensive. Period. It costs a ton of money to grow the hemp, isolate the cannabidiol, test it for purity, and package/market it. There’s just no way around that. At this point in time there isn’t anything that anyone can do to bring the price down for the consumer without compromising quality. But if you stick to the less potent stuff (under 1000mg) then it can be a lot more cost-effective.


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