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Organic e-juice was bound to happen.  Now that the e-cigarette industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar behemoth, it’s inevitable that today’s most common trends would gain a foothold in this extremely popular hobby. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years,  you’ve certainly noticed that everything has an organic version. E-liquid is no exception. The best organic e-juice is Kai’s Virgin Vapor. We’ve also compiled a list of their best competitors. As long as you choose from this list, you can’t go wrong. Read on for our overview of the best organic e-juice in the world.

What is the best organic e-liquid?

  1. Kai’s Virgin Vapor
  2. Kind Juice
  3. Velvet Vapors

#1. Kai’s Virgin Vapor – Our Favorite

Kai’s Virgin Vapor is the go-to for vapers who are looking for organic e-liquid.

Their e-juice is all third-party certified as organic, pesticide-free, GMO-free, and vegan. Kai’s has made a commitment to avoid the use of artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners in any of their liquid.

They use USP-certified kosher grade nicotine in all of their e-juices. All of their nicotine is stored under strict refrigerated conditions before mixing, ensuring that you get the freshest nicotine possible.

Kai’s Virgin Vapor is a member of AEMSA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association) and adheres to their standards for quality, safety, lab testing, and good product stewardship.

Their organic e-juice flavors are all top-notch. They have a wide variety of flavor choices. My personal favorites are Raspberry Mocha Whip and Cantaloupe Crush. No matter what type of juice you prefer, you’re sure to find a flavor that is a perfect fit for you in Kai’s organic e-juice line.

Kai's Virgin Vapor
Kai’s Virgin Vapor

#2. Kind Juice

Kind Juice makes some of the most delicious, American-made, all-natural flavors imaginable. You won’t find any cheap-tasting flavors here. Their complex flavors have been crafted with care by a team of hard-working and enthusiastic vapers.

Kind Juice has a wide range of flavors that are sure to appeal to just about any flavor profile. I’m personally fond of their nectar line of fruity flavors. But no matter which flavor you can rest easy knowing that you’re buying some of the most premium organic e-juice available.

kind juice
Kind Juice

#3. Velvet Vapors

Velvet Vapors is a small company located in Tucson, Arizona. They are dedicated to creating all-natural, organic e-juice by using only the highest quality ingredients. All of their e-liquids are hand-crafted in the USA by their team of dedicated vaping enthusiasts.

Velvet Vapors uses only the highest quality US and European ingredients to craft their line of high-quality e-juice. Their PG and VG are both 100% USP-grade,  food-grade and kosher-certified.

When you buy a bottle or sample pack from Velvet Vapors, you know that you’re getting some of the best tasting e-liquid out there and that it’s made from the highest quality ingredients.

Velvet Vapors organic e-juice
Velvet Vapors e-liquid

What are the standards for organic e-juice?

The “organic” label for e-juice is required to meet the same standards as other organic substances, such as food. In the United States, organic products must meet certain USDA standards including:

  • Products must be grown using certain natural methods.
  • They have to be produced using allowed substances.
  • They must follow all USDA organic regulations (overseen by a USDA-certified National Organic Program agent).

Is organic e-juice worth it?

Organic produce has been taking off lately because of the potential health benefits that come from ingesting higher quality food. The verdict is still up for debate when it comes to organic e-liquid, however. There haven’t been enough tests done on organic e-juice to determine if it’s more beneficial than using the cheap stuff.

The main downside with organic e-juice (or organic anything, for that matter) is the cost. Obtaining the necessary certifications, lab inspections, and all the other necessary steps doesn’t come cheap. That cost gets passed on to the consumer.

The debate really comes down to personal preference (just like everything else in the world of vaping). If you value organic products and don’t want to take the risk that comes with vaping non-organic products, then that extra cost may be worth it for you. If you’re the type of person who thinks that organic products are pointless or if you think that they aren’t worth the extra cash, then you might want to stick with non-organic e-liquid.

Why you should trust us

The 420Cloud review team has decades of combined experience in the vaping industry. We’ve spent over 150 hours testing out organic e-liquids so you don’t have to. We’ve scoured the internet and compared reviews from all of the leading vape publications as well as from real people like you determine which organic vape juice products are the best and most popular. We’ve narrowed that list down to a small handful of products that we think you’ll love.

We graded all of the products on this list according a variety of stringent criteria including: taste, price, published lab results, strength, packaging quality, quality of ingredients, and more. If you’re in the market for organic ejuice, as long as you choose a product from this list you can’t go wrong. We’ve ranked all of the e-liquid on this list in order of which ones we think you’ll like the most, but which one you end up ultimately choosing is a matter of personal preference.

Which one did you choose?


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